In the past two years, we've taught over fifty students. Here's what they have to say.

Varsity Debater at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology

The camp was really helpful in explaining exactly what PF debate is. I really enjoyed learning the 10 strategies for rebuttals, and it's helped me a lot on the TJ debate team. I'm now able to succesfully compete on the local and national circuit. Thank you DMV Debate!

Debater at Rachel Carson Parliamentary Team

This 4-day camp was really comprehensive and thorough. Before going to this camp, I had a very limited knowledge of debate. This camp changed that and went over every single part of public forum debate very thoroughly. It also gave me time to practice my existing skills and improve upon them.

Debater at Oakton High School

Overall, I really enjoyed the camp and thought it explained the structure/tips for PF debate very well. I thought the lectures were well planned out and the interactive activities were fun. I feel it prepared me well for Public Forum Debate and most debate styles in general.

Varsity Debater at TJHSST

The camp was great in that I was able to learn a lot about PF structure and preparation. I would fully recommend it to anyone who is interested in debate and public speaking as a whole.